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There seems to be an endless number of new cannabinoids on the market. It can be confusing. To choose which is best for your needs. For numerous years, THC and CBD were the only real products talked about and used, but today there are other options, including THC-O and Delta-8 THC. There are a few key things to know for those who are seeing these new products and wondering about the difference between THC-O vs Delta 8.

Are Delta-8 and THC-O the same? No, these are two different cannabinoids that are not considered interchangeable. 


What is THC-O?

THC-O, or THC-O acetate, is a type of cannabis compound that comes from hemp plants. THC-O does not occur naturally in cannabis like CBD and THC are. Rather, to be produced, it must be synthesized. That synthesized process uses acetic anhydride. This is a liquid that is very flammable and corrosive.

To produce THC-O, companies must first convert CBD into Delta-8 THC. In that state, acetic anhydride is then added to Delta-8. This is what produces THC-O. To be clear, this is not something that can be done in a person's backyard but requires highly specialized equipment and a specific process. It is not safe for most to do this due to the volatility of the chemicals involved. 

More so, the use of acetic anhydride for any need is highly dangerous. This chemical is used in the production of some dyes, fibers, and plastics. 

There are other differences in these products. THC-O is typically used in vaping oil. However, there are also some THC-O tinctures, edibles, and other products on the market. As a relatively new compound to the market, it is not as readily available as others are. Yet, it is gaining a lot of attention, and that is creating more interest in this product. 

THC-O is not fully legal. Though on a federal level it is, some states have banned its use. It is important to check your state's individual laws before purchasing this product.




What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is quite different though it is also a cannabinoid. It is found naturally as a component of cannabis and hemp plants. The psychoactive effects of Delta-8 are much like those of Delta-9, though milder and tend to have more of a relaxing feel to it than others. 

Like THC-O, the production of Delta-8 is complex. That is due to different reasons, though. Delta-8 is present in cannabis, but it is only in very small concentrations. That makes extracting Delta-8 far more difficult, time consuming, and expensive than other types of cannabinoids. It takes a lot of product to produce a small amount of Delta-8 for use. 

The only way to gain enough of this product for use, then, is to synthesize Delta-8 in a lab setting. Because most Delta-8 is synthesized in this way, it’s production is more difficult than that of naturally occuring cannabinoids like CBD and THC.. To produce Delta-8, companies will convert CBD that has been extracted from industrial hemp. This process is known as biosynthesis, a cannabinoid conversation process. This process is the replication of the natural process that occurs in hemp plants. 

Specifically, in a lab, Delta-8 distillate is produced by the conversion of CBD. It can be made from THC or CBD, though it is more commonly produced using CBD. On a federal level, CBD is legal, and therefore using it in the production of Delta-8 is legal. By comparison, Delta-9 THC is illegal, which is why most labs do not use it in the production of other products. 

Most of the time, Delta-8 is used in a vape pen. It is possible to find Delta-8 gummies, edibles, flowers, and other components. However, not all products on the market are authentic and made from high quality Delta-8. It is up to the buyer to do their research to ensure they know what they are buying. 


delta 8 thc


Key Differences Between Delta-8 and THC-O

There are a number of factors that make Delta-8 and THC-O different. They are different cannabinoids, though they are related in terms of where they come from. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind.


THC-O is Stronger 

Both provide a feeling of being high. However, THC-O is generally far more intense than Delta-8. However, both have psychoactive effects that most people will experience. THC-O is about three times as strong as Delta-9, which is significantly stronger than Delta-8. 


thc-o is stronger


THC-O Effects Are Not the Same

Delta-8 will create a sensation of being high, however, it is noted for generally being far more mild in doing so. It has a more relaxing feel to it. THC-O is the better option for those who want a sense of euphoria or a heightened mental and spiritual awareness from their product. It is much more capable of creating a psychedelic experience. 

THC-O is Mostly Used for Recreation

THC-O products tend to be used for recreation. They do not contain the same type of medicinal benefits that some other cannabinoids do. For those that want a more euphoric high, this product tends to work the best. 

Most people, especially experienced THC consumers, will appreciate THC-O for its enhanced strength and various mild psychedelic effects. This product is more sought after for the recreational market than for the use of relaxing or improving poor sleep like D8 or D9  does. The two cannabinoids are generally different in this way.

When comparing compounds, it is important to note that THC-O is a much more potent product. It creates a significantly more intense experience than Delta-9, which is far more potent than Delta-8. This typically plays a role in the way it is used, such as for getting high rather than for relaxation. 


delta 8 and htc-o effects


Health Benefits of THC-O vs Delta-8

Though there are no studies to show the benefit of THC-O on health, there are some people who state they have seen improvements. For example, some state that THO-O can create a spiritual and euphoric trip. Some adults find that this product works to potentially reduce physical pain and stress. Others state it may offer help for their depression and nausea. 

There is still a lot of research to be done to better understand the health benefits of Delta-8 as well. However, some people claim that it helps to encourage relaxation and generally aids as a way of soothing the mind or body. It may also offer some pain relief. However, the effects of Delta-8 tend to be milder than others. 

Though the therapeutic benefits of these products are not well understood, a psychedelic substance like it could provide pain and stress relief for many people, creating more of an out of body experience. 


health benefits of delta 8


Side Effects of THC-O vs Delta-8

Some people may experience side effects when using THC-O products. However, there is not enough data or studies available to pinpoint any specific differences between those related to Delta-8 and those related to THC-o. Because there are synthetic ingredients and chemical processing involved in the production of THC-O products, this could lead to some people experiencing side effects.

There are noted side effects, according to some users, for the use of Delta-8. This may include the experience of hallucinations, anxiety, and dizziness. As a borderline hallucinogenic, it may be wise to carefully consider the effects here, especially for those who may not have a lot of experience using cannabinoids. Some also report tremors and vomiting. A sense of confusion may occur and a loss of consciousness, these are usually the results of using too much of the product or low quality products. Proper dosing of these products is critical in all situations. 

By comparison to other THC products, the way THC-O interacts with the body's cannabinoid receptors is not fully known. Many consumers report an increased desire to use these products though cannabis users do not report sedative effects

Is THC-O Safe to Use? Is Delta-8 Safe to Use?

There is no real way to know if these products are safe for you until you use them and see what your specific reaction to them will be. However, there is concern that THC-O may be too potent for some people. There are no clinical studies to show that either type can offer a safe experience. 

There is also no known research to indicate the long-term effects of using these products, including how the liver metabolizes them or how they impact the lungs. It only takes tiny amounts of THO-O to create a reaction. 

Keep in mind that all THC products require further research. One person's reaction to them may be different than another. Product quality and potency also vary significantly from one provider to the next. Be sure to consider this when shopping for any product.

Which One Should You Try?

Though more research is necessary to better understand these cannabinoid products, it is important to note that Delta-8 tends to be the better place for people who are just starting to use any component of the cannabis plant. It is less likely to cause any type of physical discomfort. When it comes to THC-O, stronger results are likely  and they are more likely to have an intoxicating compound effect compared to the therapeutic effects of Delta-8. 

Before choosing any product, many consumers need to check with state laws to ensure they know what is available to them. There are a few key reasons why consumers may wish to purchase THC-O after they have used other hemp products. Delta-8 offers a few key benefits, including being a legal hemp material. Hemp derived products like this range widely, of course, from one producer to another.


delta 8 products


Looking for a High Quality Product?

However, Delta-8 gummies, as well as Delta-8 and CBG gummies, may be a better starting point for many people due to their ability to ease a person into products. Cannabis plants can provide such a wide range of products to choose from it can be hard to know which THC compounds to seek out. At Otterspace, you will find a wide range of Delta 9 THC and other hemp derived THC products to choose from. Check them out and start using them with confidence. 



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