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Lab Reports

All Otter Space products are analyzed using the latest human technologies. Below are the lab reports for individual products. 


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Have you ever noticed that cannabis products aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be? Well, so have we. With Otterspace, we set out on a mission to take things back to the heavenly place they once were. Finding your Otterspace is our way of saying find your happy place, you know, like a playful, adventurous otter.

The cannabis industry has recently grown obsessed with high THC products. As a result, customers are frequently experiencing anxiousness, discomfort, and racing thoughts from what was once a pleasant treat. While THC is certainly the poster child for cannabis, many fail to realize that THC is only one of many powerful compounds working together to create a unique experience. With too much THC, the rest is lost! Otterspace was determined to rediscover our happy place with cannabis. This started with our flagship CBD + THC gummies. We made sure each gummy was packed with dozens of hemp derived cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more - and yes, a fun dose of THC too.

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Never a Shortcut

Your journey with Otterspace is intended for pure happiness. Part of enjoying a peaceful experience is knowing that you are receiving nothing short of the best. Every hemp extract used in our product development is derived from the highest quality, locally grown hemp. We always make sure that our products are cleanly extracted and tested rigorously for potency, quality and contamination. To us, nothing is more important than quality. We never cut corners, and do everything we can to create products that leave you feeling your best.

Lab Reports

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